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What is the Biggest Swim Spa

by | Sep 30, 2021

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a Swim Spa is the size. A full-sized All Weather Pool or Swim Spa leaves more room for family, friends, and exercise, while still taking up less space than a full-sized pool. If you are wondering what size of All Weather Pool is best for your family, keep reading!

At Arctic Spas® we have a variety of All Weather Pools that can be used for activities in all climates all year long. With the largest open water area in the All Weather Pool range, The Athabascan provides the maximum amount of room for relaxation and fun that Arctic Spas® has to offer. This Swim Spa is 14 feet by 8 feet and has a capacity of 12.


If you are looking for an All Weather Pool / Swim Spa that can withstand all the fun and still provide a place for relaxing with your friends, The Arctic Ocean is made for you. This pool is the same size as The Athabascan as it has enough seats for 6 and has a capacity of 12, but is optimized to include multiple jets for full relaxation. The Arctic Ocean All Weather Pool includes maximum therapy while still providing enough space to squeeze in your daily exercise.

Top view of the Arctic Spas All Weather Pool Ocean SDS
Top view of the Arctic Spas All Weather Pool Athabascan

As a family backyard pool, The Athabascan is ideal for swimming as well as exercise. It is the perfect alternative to an inground pool as it provides a similar amount of space and is designed to withstand all temperatures.

Our Line Of All Weather Pools & Swim Spas

At Arctic Spas® we have a large variety of Swim Spas to accommodate any of your needs. The size of a Swim Spa can vary to seat 2 to 6 people.

Many factors will come into play when choosing a Swim Spa. If you are looking for a spa that will be used for restoration and light swimming we have created The Ocean, which seats 6 and has 20-60 jets.

The Okanagan tub is also ideal for light swimming and is known for its customizable options. The Okanagan tub seats 4 and has 20-40 jets.

arcticspas all weather pool okanagan signature
Top view of the Arctic Spas All Weather Pool Wolverine

We also provide multiple All Weather Pools that are perfect for the active family that also wants to relax and enjoy the restorative benefits of a Swim Spa as well. The Wolverine is the ultimate hybrid Swim Spa that has enough seating to relax after a long day, or to fit in a workout!

If you are looking for more room to swim or exercise you need to lean toward The Athabascan or The Kingfisher. These All Weather Pools are made to be more spacious so you can use your tub to exercise or swim!

Top view of the Arctic Spas All Weather Pool Kingfisher

With our complete range of all-weather pools, Arctic Spas® can guarantee we have a tub to suit what you and your family require all year round.