The Future of Outdoor Living: Arctic Spas’ All-Weather Pools

by May 15, 2024

swimmer swimming in all-weather pool


Traditional outdoor pools are undoubtedly enjoyable. However, they have profound limitations that leave users wanting more. Not only do standard outdoor pools require substantial maintenance and upkeep, they are also incompatible with cold-weather climates, limiting your pool to a summer time luxury.

Arctic Spas’ All-Weather Pools not only solve all of these issues simultaneously, they also redefine the pinnacle of outdoor living as a whole. In this article we will outline all the unique benefits to choosing an Arctic Spas® All-Weather Pool, offering year-round, luxurious enjoyment.


Redefining the Boundaries of Outdoor Recreation

Engineered for Harsh Climates

Engineered for the world’s harshest climates, Arctic Spas’ All-Weather Pools enable users to enjoy the profound benefits of the pool, even in the freezing winter months. With innovative insulation capabilities found in your spa’s shell, cabinet, and cover, you can trust that your All-Weather Pool will easily withstand even the most tumultuous weather conditions.


Year-Round Availability

Offering a greater temperature range than standard outdoor pools, while also utilizing long-lasting, freeze-resistance technology, means an Arctic Spas® All-Weather Pool will be available for year-round use. This pool’s superior construction and advanced insulation systems allow you to maintain your desired temperature, creating a warm and inviting environment for 365 days of the year.


FreeHeat™ Technology

Part of what differentiates an Arctic Spas® All-Weather Pool from traditional models is its innovative FreeHeat™ technology. FreeHeat™ works by insulating your spa’s floor and walls only, leaving room for the unlikely event of maintenance while also aiding in the recirculation of ambient heat produced by your pool’s internal elements. In turn, FreeHeat™ decreases energy consumption, and offers peace of mind frost protection in colder months.

Setting a New Standard for Aquatic Enjoyment

Arctic Spas®  All-Weather Pools  have set the gold standard for relaxation, wellness, and entertainment by elevating the traditional outdoor pool experience to heights never seen before. Powerful, ergonomically placed jets ensure maximum comfort and relaxation while a larger jet system offers a range of current intensities to simulate open water swimming. . With a variety of fitness kits available, you can easily turn your relaxation oasis into a complete mental and physical wellness retreat.


The Future of Outdoor Living

Have you ever seen a pool party in the dead of winter? Perhaps you’ve wondered what it’s like to go out for a swim at -40 degrees Celsius. Or, maybe you’ve wanted to relax after a long day but in the middle of a cold snap your traditional pool has frozen through. If only you had a heated pool for winter!

With Arctic Spas’ All-Weather Pools, you can experience all these seasonally independent joys, and much more. All of the advanced technology that enables these bold endeavors is packed within a stunning, durable shell and body, customizable to your tasteful style.