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Hot Tub Insulation in the Right Places Saves you Money

by | Oct 21, 2021

At Arctic Spas® we can ensure the lowest running costs of any other hot tub on the market. Our advanced heating system is the best way to protect your hot tub from cold snaps and keep general heating costs down. Our engineers have created the ultimate self-supporting shell for our hot tubs that allows you to insulate your tub efficiently. Arctic Spas® pulls inspiration for our tubs by looking at some of the coldest climates in the world.

In Northern Canada we include the attic, roof, walls, and floors when insulating our houses. This ensures no cold air seeps in and protects us from harsh temperatures. Our FreeHeat™ hot tub insulation system does the same. We created the first ever system that uses ambient heat from the pump to penetrate the spa shell and heat the water.

A graphic showing a freeheat cycle
Arctic Spas mom relaxes in a hot tub

Other hot tub manufactures will fill their cabinets with insulation. This method expels excess motor heat instead of using it to maintain the water temperature.

In addition to this, we top off our hot tub insulation with our Mylovac cover.  Featuring 5” of thickness that helps you retain even more of your heat, for longer. To take it even further our engineers have designed overlapping cabinet doors to ensure that the heat is locked into the cabinet.

Why did we make this?

This advanced hot tub insulation system is especially useful in freezing climates, as it will protect your tub from freezing up in the event of a power loss. Our unique hot tub insulation system allows your tub to keep warm, even if it’s not running.

Your hot tub freezing up can create serious damage that will be costly to fix. This is especially true if your hot tub is drained but the pipes are not cleared of excess water. Sometimes resulting in a need for new pipes/components that will require an engineer to fix.

The last thing you need to worry about during a power outage is your tub freezing! FreeHeat™ will extend the available time you have to make sure this doesn’t happen. You can even monitor the internal temperature of the cabinet to ensure it is consistently the correct temperature.

Another benefit to our FreeHeat™ technology is the lower running costs. Purchasing an energy-efficient system will save you money and maintenance in the future while protecting your tub from the cold.

We want hot tubs to be a source of relaxing not stress. Therefore our FreeHeat™ system uses leftover heat from the pump to heat your tub even further, without any extra cost.

Our technology is ever evolving and we love creating innovative ideas to make our hot tubs run better than ever. We pride ourselves on leading the industry in new technology that can make your decision to buy a hot tub a no brainer!