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Answer these 5 Questions to Choose the Perfect Swim Spa

by | Sep 29, 2022

Choosing the perfect Swim Spa can be overwhelming. You may start your research online and feel like you have more questions than when you began. Here is a list of 5 questions that will help you choose the perfect Arctic Spas® All Weather Pool!


Are You Using your Swim Spa for Family Fun?

Swim Spas can be used for a variety of reasons and knowing the right purpose will assist you in choosing the right one. You might want an All Weather Pool for relaxing alone after a workout, or you may want to use it for spending quality time with the entire family. Be sure to keep in mind what you will be using the Swim Spa for while you shop.

If therapeutic reasons are your goal, then choosing an All Weather Pool with more jets may be the best solution for getting those post-workout massages you desire. If you have a large family or enjoy hosting fun evenings with a group of friends, you may want to choose an All Weather Pool with added features like sounds systems with LED lighting. The Okanagan, which is named for Canada’s summer playground, even has an led lit-up swim bar!

Knowing what you will be using your pool for will ensure you purchase the All Weather Pool with all the right features so you can play and relax all year long!


Are you Using your Swim Spa for Fitness?

If aquatic fitness is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to know which swim systems are available and will suit your needs best. Some systems offer super jets that can be directed up and down to create a strong enough resistance in the water so your kids can even boogie board on them!

If you are interested in swim training you might want a Swim Spa with tether and rowing attachments for training purposes. If you want unobstructed space for fitness, Arctic Spas® Kingfisher might be your number one choice! With only stairs on the left side for access, this fitness All Weather Pool features our longest and widest swim zone, so you’ll never need to worry about space for your aquatic activities.


Where will you put your Swim Spa?

Thinking about where you would like to put your Swim Spa in your backyard is important before making your purchase.

Arctic Spa’s® All Weather Pools are all 14′ x 8′. Choose a spot in your backyard with a flat-level surface that is close enough to electrical to power your Swim Spa, and pre-measure the space. The recommended distance from your home to your All Weather Pool should be within 10 feet.


Which Features would you like in your Swim Spa?

Swim Spas offer many different features, and knowing which ones are most important before you purchase your pool is a good idea. If having a sound system is important you will want to weigh your options against other features when making a final decision.

If a low-maintenance Swim Spa is top of mind, then features such as ozone systems, saltwater systems, and UV light systems are great options to consider. These systems will have varying degrees on how much maintenance you will be required to do on your Swim Spa.

Arctic Spas’® Automated Water Care System Spa Boy® makes maintenance a breeze! Through a process of electrolysis, you will only need to drain and refill your pool once a year, which allows for easy maintenance, and helps keep your All Weather Pool eco-friendly.


Do you require seating in your Swim Spa?

If you would like seats in your All Weather Pool, it is important to choose a pool with seating. Seating options are available in most models for between 2 to 6 people.

If seating is important to you, the Arctic Spas’s® Ocean is not only our largest family fun and fitness Swim Spa, but it seats six people and has two captain chairs! Make sure that when you go shopping for your new All Weather Pool that you get in and test out the seats you’re going to be spending all that time relaxing in.

Now that you have answered 5 questions to choose the perfect All Weather Pool, you can rest assured that you’ll go into the showroom knowing exactly what you and your family need!