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All Weather Pool Swim Spas

by | Dec 30, 2021

What is an All Weather Pool? 

All Weather Pools are the perfect way to bridge the gap between hot tub and pool. Experience swimming, hydro fitness, massage and family fun year-round with Arctic Spas® All Weather Pool swim spa.

All Weather Pools are the perfect alternative to a backyard swimming pool as they are sturdy, low maintenance and weatherproof.  Arctic Spas® All Weather Pools are engineered for the world’s harshest climates and built for year-round enjoyment. 

All Weather Pool swim spa

Luxury Of A Swimming Pool In The Comfort Of Your Home


Year Round Use

To ensure your All Weather Pool runs efficiently as an all season pool, we developed our patented FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System. This patented technology facilitates year round use while ensuring lower running costs by providing proper protection from the cold. FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System heats your hot tub by trapping excess heat produced by the equipment that is running. By trapping the excess heat from the motor, we can also ensure that the hoses in your tub won’t freeze in an unexpected power loss.


We know it’s not easy to get outside and exercise, especially in the winter. But, with All Weather Pools, the opportunities for exercise are endless. Our Niagara Counter Current Swim System provides a powerful current for swimmers to paddle against, with adjustable places for improved performance. Using this system, the water travels up to 27 feet per second through flat-mounted jets, leaving you with the perfect resistance to get you moving.

The Monsoon Counter Current Swim System includes high-volume jets that provide a perfect current for recreation, fitness, or just plain fun. This system is ideal for swimmers of any ability, making it the ideal family swim system.

The Tether Resistance Swim System is another system designed by professional athletes to transform our All Weather Pools into a means of rehabilitation or conditioning. This is done by providing stationary resistance while swimming that is flexible enough to suit anybody’s needs.


One of the greatest advantages of having an Arctic Spas All Weather Pool is exercise. With some of our pools, rowing machines and bungee cord exercises are available as an option.

Swimtether’s optional Rowing Exercise Kit. This kit allows you to train for crew or simply build endurance and full body strength year-round in your All Weather Pool swim spa. With a variety of All Weather Pool attachments, this package is designed for the flexibility to optimize your fitness routine. Swimtether’s optional Rowing Exercise Kit includes:

  • High-quality stainless steel row bars with universal resistance cords
  • Ankle cuffs for killer leg workouts
  • Sturdy handle grips for fantastic arm exercises
  • (optional) Mounting hardware and instructions for proper installation

The exercise equipment also comes with handles. You can use these handles for arm and leg exercises. Simply hook up the bungee cord to the connector in the hot tub and then to the handle. For the wrist and ankle straps, you do the same.

This gives you a wide range of exercises you can do. Best of all they are all low impact so they are easy on your joints. One last thing to remember, the easier and more entertaining we make exercise the more we will actually do it. Having an All Weather Pool swim spa makes it so easy since it is right out your back door.

Hydro Massage 

Warm water has been used for health benefits for centuries. Heat opens up the blood vessels allowing increased circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the parts of your body that need them most. HydroMassage is scientifically proven to help alleviate pain and soreness associated with exercise as well.

All Weather Pool swim spas use warm water and pressurized jets to massage muscles and other soft tissues in the body, providing relief from headaches, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and other common chronic aches.

Experience the craftsmanship of seats with optimal jet configurations to provide a luxurious massage. Our HydroMassage technology, accompanied by our optimized seating, provides a perfect way to relax after your exercise. The ability to quickly and easily change the temperature of your tub allows you to thoroughly soak and restore your muscles after any strenuous physical activity.

Family Fun

The whole family can enjoy playing in the sizeable All Weather Pool. Create a destination for you kids to play and hang out with their friends. From squirt gun races to basketball a backyard pool is bound to elevate your fun. Best of all the adults can relax and enjoy family fun while the kids get all their energy out.

Host year round pool parties for your family and friends. Nothing feels better than splashing around in cool water on a hot summer day or warm water on a cool day. The best thing about a backyard pool party is that the activities are already bult in, creating low-stress entertaining.

Fully Customized

Our All Weather Pools are fully customizable for Swimming, Fitness, HydroMassage & Family Fun. You let us know what you need, and we will help you design the optimal All Weather Pool. With Arctic Spas® you will experience quality craftsmanship, innovative technology, practical year-round use and unique luxury.

All Weather Pool Models

Arctic Ocean All Weather Pool Swim Spa


The first model in our All Weather Pool line is the Ocean. This pool is perfect if you have limited space and desire to swim! The Ocean pool comes with 60 jets, four pumps, and seating for 6. The potential for this pool is endless as it provides the ability to customize your jet layout, so you can optimize it for your family.

The Okanagan 

The Okanagan pool is perfect if you bring the tropical vacation to your backyard! This pool features a swim-up bar with fantastic lighting, water features, and even swim jets to play in. The Okanagan has seating for 4 with 40 jets and 3 pumps. This tub is the perfect place to host your friends and family while still getting the features of a pool and a hot tub.

Okanagan All Weather Pool Swim Spa
Wolverine All Weather Pool Swim Spa

The Wolverine

If you are looking for a pool that provides the ultimate hybrid between swimming and therapy, the Wolverine is for you. There are two lounge seats with 26 jets and 3 pumps. This tub also includes both the Niagara Counter Current Swim System and the maximum number of therapeutic jets for the best of both worlds. 

The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher pool allows for more swimming and more space. Suppose you are looking for unobstructed space for fitness and swimming. This pool provides the widest swim zone with stairs in the corner, giving you more room to move. As with any All Weather Pool, the Niagara Counter Current Swim System also includes a light to guide your alignment with swimming against the current. 

Kingfisher All Weather Pool Swim Spa
Hudson All Weather Pool Swim Spa

The Hudson

The Hudson gives users the ability to exercise with entry-level swimming resistance, features two lounge seats and 26 jets. In addition, the included Monsoon Counter Current Swim System can be used in conjunction with the Tether Resistance Swim System to serve multiple levels of fitness all year round. 

The Athabascan

This pool is the most spacious in our All Weather Pool Line. The Athabascan is the perfect representation of the All Weather Pool as it has the largest open water area with maximum room for relaxation and fully adjustable heat settings, so you can swim year-round. So if you’re looking for fun and exercise, the Athabascan will always have space. 

Athabascan All Weather Pool

As you can see, our All Weather Pools provide many options to fit your lifestyle. So whether having friends over for a drink, playing with your kids, fitting in your workout, or relaxing after a long day, an All Weather Pool will suit your needs.